Switching to WordPress

Update 2022-01: Moved back to Hugo! https://git.earne.link/earnestma/site.

This site now uses WordPress! A few days ago, I migrated all of my blog posts and pages over from Hugo. It’s pretty weird to be going in what seems to be the opposite direction (more “bloat”), but I’m quite happy so far with it.

With that said, the RSS feed link is now located at /feed instead of /blog/index.xml. I’ve turned on a redirect, however, so this post shows up, but please update your feed readers if that’s how you read my blog 🙂

I am selfhosting it, and it runs ok on my VPS. Here are the plugins I am using:

I was warned in multiple posts not to install too many plugins because of possible security and performance issues, so that is pretty much it.

I am using the default Twenty Twenty-One theme in my child theme, which has a git repository here: https://git.earne.link/earnestma/wordpress-custom. Currently it only adds a disclaimer at the top for old posts, removes the “powered by WordPress text” in the footer, and has a shortcode to list child pages.


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