Email troubles!

TL;DR email was down for this afternoon and evening because of me. if urgent, shoot me a message somewhere else and resend it!

Sometimes, particularly today (Sun. Oct. 24, 2021), I do not enjoy hosting my own email. Basically, we’re currently in the process of migrating all services to new servers, and a new version of modoboa wasn’t working correctly.

Around 2 hours later, i decided to deploy another project, restored my emails, and forgot to set the mx records… until a few minutes ago. I should have sent test emails to make sure everything worked as expected! :<

Gmail, i think still has to refresh its DNS cache, because I couldn’t (at this point, probably it’ll resove itself soon) deliver from a gmail address.

I have considered getting my email hosted by someone else, but these servers already cost money, so I might as well. If everything works, usually it stays that way.

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