Status Update, February 2022

Hello! It’s been an Interesting Month. Here’s what i’ve been up to.

Site activities

I have moved this site from WordPress back to Hugo, although i’ve started a fresh repo, which is public1. My first domain ( started off as a Hugo site, and I’ve been using Hugo for a ton of sites ever since.

A screenshot of the first few commits to's site
A screenshot of the first few commits to's site. This was my first time at "programming" and using git, as you can see, i knew what i was doing 🤣

i have some minor features and support for gemini (possibly) that i’d like to add in at some point.


I have moved from the Pleroma back to my account at the Mastodon instance ( This was for a few reasons, this being one of them, the local community, and also the fact that mobile apps are better on iOS for Mastodon. It’s been a great experience so far and i am tooting more than before!

Programming projects

Other than my site, i’m working on a personal few things. Last month i made a terminal sort-of Wordle clone, and i’m slowly working on, which might be a pastebin, link shortener, and file sharing service. Very slowly though 😁 the current “stack” is just Flask.

Also, i got an idea from fedi to make a Mastodon clean your glasses reminder bot. We’ll see if i have some time to try and work on that.

Lastly, i’ve been trying to get some programs i frequently use packaged, here’s an attempt.


February has been a more stressful month, and i haven’t read as much. At the moment i have four books checked out from the library; unless i renew them they are due in about a week (~halfway through one).

As always, you can follow me on BookWyrm!


I turned 18 in January!1!! Doesn’t feel like it lmao

Speaking of Wordle, a few days ago i caved in and started playing it. it’s been fun! you can look at my progress here.

2 weeks ago, I got my COVID-19 booster. Please consider getting yours if possible and necessary!

In January, i started my last semester of high school. Of course, last October, i applied to some universities in Ontario (all for computer science). i have an acceptance from one of those (probably my first/ second choice, hard to answer), and waiting for the others.

Also, back in October, i got my G1 license. i’ve been sorta driving short distances in the past month and not doing too bad at it. been honked at counter: 2


Throughout the past 2 years I’ve flip-flopped on my notes: where to put them, the app to use, private or public? The current experiment is Obsidian and Quartz for publishing. It’s going well, and you can view the results here: (site no longer available)

To-do this month

Some random things that should get done!



The Spotify playlist i’ve been listening to recently.


Freeways is pretty fun, i’d also like to pick up Subnautica again at some point. Apparently it works on Linux!2

This was a slightly longer post as it covered both January and February. See you in about a month!

  1. ↩︎

  2. I started playing when still using Windows, and a hard drive connector to my laptop broke. ↩︎

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