Status Update, May 2022

Here’s another status update for you all! The weather has been warming up the past few days in Toronto, which has not been very fun for me, as our house’s AC doesn’t really reach my room 😢🤬 Luckily as I’m writing this, because of the rain, it’s cooled down to 13° outside and uhhh… 26° in my room.


Wrote one blog post! (1 Month on my MacBook) Minor updates were made, as well as checking for broken links. Discussion links were also added to some recent posts, so that you can comment on them at Discussion.

I’ve restarted work on, which has been going well! Recently I tweaked the theming so that it has similar Gruvbox colors to this site.


I’m in my last month or so of school, and then I graduate high school! eek

No updates on university, although we’ll have to make a decision by the end of the month.

In terms of programming, I’m planning on learning Rust when the summer begins.


Todoist has been serving my needs well and I might write a post on how I use it. Have stopped paper journalling, although I should probably pick it up again. Reached a 65 day streak in Duolingo, although I should probably start integrating some other resources as well.


My playlist for this quarter

Thank you for reading!

Have a great rest of your May 💜


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