Status Update, June 2022

Hello everyone! I hope that your June so far has been good :) Here’s my (shorter-than-usual) status update.


There have been no new blog posts, and I’ve discontinued After trying out Obsidian Publish and Quartz, I’m just going to leave my notes private for a while and check back in a few months.


I was at my younger sister’s graduation ceremony yesterday, and mine will be next Thursday (the 23rd)! And, tomorrow is the official last day of school. I have one assignment left to hand in, which will be right after I finish drafting this post.

A few days before the deadline, I got my remaining few offers for university. I’ve made the decision to accept my offer from U of T St. George for Math & Physical Sciences, and hopefully my marks will be good enough to transfer into a CS program next year.

I’ve been back journaling in my Hobonichi Techo cousin. The daily pages have been great as a quasi-bullet journal rapid-logging and journal situtation, but because I use a digital calendar and task list, I’m not really getting much use of the offer monthly/ weekly – I have a few plans though!


With the summer, I have way more time to work on things. I have a few project ideas using Python/ Flask, and hopefully a few improvements and new services will come to


My playlist for this quarter (there’ll be a new one in July)

I also bought an iPhone 6 (it was pretty cheap) just to play music I’ve downloaded off of. Using the default Apple Music app (synced using a cable) has been OK.

That’s it!

Thank you for reading!


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