Status Update, August 2022

Hello all! It’s close to mid-August, which means that my first day of university is now less than a month away 😧 I was able to get my wisdom teeth extracted (all pain-free now), did my ARCT exam as mentioned (no results yet), and I finally got driver’s insurance a few days ago.

From this blog post I read a while ago, I added a public calendar page to my site. I’m also slowly building up my digital notes again, hoping to clean out things like Twitter/ Reddit saves and bookmarks, getting useful information out of them and being able to find things again before I no longer have time to.

I also received my request of masks (KN95), rapid tests, and the Vitalight CO2 monitor I ordered from Donate a Mask – here’s the Mastodon thread. The masks fit me well, and I highly recommend requesting from them if you’re Canadian or donating.

Lastly, this post was written on my iPad, with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse! I’m using the Blink Shell app to SSH to Tycho via Tailscale. This is my previous laptop, which I re-installed Fedora and Doom Emacs on. I even use the Remote VSCode extension or iTerm2 to access it on my MacBook sometimes. If I’m working on this website and want a live preview, I forward the correct port with ssh tycho -L 1313:localhost:1313, or using SSH Escaping: ~C then -L 1313:localhost:1313 (this doesn’t work with Blink). I may purchase “Inspect Browser” sometime, but for now, making small changes or just writing new posts, I haven’t had the need for that.

Have a great rest of your August! Best wishes to anyone who’s also starting school/ university soon :)


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