Status Update, Sept 2, 2022

Hey everyone. I wasn’t expecting to do a status update post so early, but here one is!

So, earlier this week (Wednesday), I unexpectedly got a residence offer from New College (my college at U of T), which I accepted. They had originally sent an offer in June which was never delivered to me, so I had been planning on commuting via the TTC for the past while, which fortunately is not too difficult from where I live.

The main move-in date is this Saturday (tomorrow)! So, these past few days I have been quite busy packing and buying things. At this point, I’ve almost packed everything.

This has been a pretty big surprise, and I have been extremely stressed out, but I’ve trying to spend as much time as possible with my mom and younger sister. I’ll still get to see them often, just not as much as I would be living at home.

Once again, best wishes if you are starting school in any form anytime soon! My first day is Thurs, Sept. 8. I may upload a moving in/ tour video on YouTube, and a regular September status update will be posted sometime in a few weeks.

Speaking of which, things are expensive; if you’d like to give a little to me, that’d be hugely appreciated!

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