Advent Of Code 2022 Livestreams

Hi everyone! Last year, I did a few days of Advent of Code in Java (because that’s what I was learning at the time). It was quite fun, so I am planning on trying again this year - in Python this time - and livestreaming it! A caveat that I am very new and inexperienced at this, and will likely at some point start looking up how to do things. I also may do a few puzzles from past events for fun if I have enough time.

This will be on my Twitch channel, and I plan on streaming in the afternoon or evening (EST), likely except when I have a final exam at that time. To get notifications, follow me on Twitch, or join the Discord server I have linked in my contact page.

Instead of YouTube, I will archive these on my Peertube Channel (playlist link) – I plan to post my VODs and most of my videos there from now on. Just a quick note that there are English subtitles that should be fairly accurate. Of course, here is the git repository I will be using.


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